Wanted: Professional dog walker; have résumé, portfolio ready 7

The other day Liz and I were discussing the stereotype of the grouchy older person — the “get off my goddam lawn!” dude we used to make fun of. Based largely on experience, I’m of the opinion that older people aren’t necessarily grouchy—they’re just fed up. After 60-plus years of bullshit (both theirs and others’, but especially others’) they’ve had their fill, and they’re old enough that they don’t care who they piss off.


adam and eve

Celebrity endorsements: Never listen to a talking snake 4

Celebrity endorsements have been around for a long time. Ever since Satan convinced Eve she needed more fresh fruit in her diet, big names have been used to sway people.

Sometimes celebrity endorsements make sense and sometimes they don’t. More…

Ever heard of Groomzilla? No – and there’s a reason for that 1

Everyone has heard the term “Bridezilla.” That’s a woman who tries to control every detail, major or minor, of her wedding ceremony and reception—sort of like Oprah Winfrey, only without all the goodwill and free stuff.

But have you ever noticed that there’s no male equivalent to Bridezilla? No Groomenstein? No Creature from Men’s Wearhouse? And do you know why that is? More…