Festival Fashion for the Rocker of a Certain Age 1

As I was walking out the door to go to my first rock concert decades ago, my father interrogated me about my attire (for the record, a button-down Oxford cloth shirt and a pair of Levi’s.). He asked why, if I was going to a concert, was I not wearing a jacket and tie? When I told him that no one would be dressed like that, he assured me that “the Jefferson Airplanes will all be wearing jackets and ties.” (For the record, they were not.)



Saturday in my ’04 village — complete with idiots 1

Yesterday morning, like most Saturday mornings, I walked to our neighborhood bakery. This is sort of a Saturday tradition. Bella and I get a walk, she gets a sausage kolache, and I get to check out what we fondly refer to as “our village.”