If Mexico didn’t exist, Texas songwriters would have to invent it 5

The other night I got to hear Terry Allen for the first time. Allen is a Texas singer/songwriter, a clique that includes Joe Ely (my personal favorite) the late Steven Fromholz, Lyle Lovett and Gene Autry (Gene Autry?).

Allen floored me, so I immediately set out to hear more. When I did, one thing that struck me was how much his songwriting benefits from the proximity of Mexico. In fact, if it weren’t for our neighbor to the south, I’m not sure what Allen and his amigos would write about. More…

Baphomet,Satan,Prince of Darkness,Lucifer,devil

Oklahoma is OK – but not with a statue of Satan 3

If you know anything about Oklahoma (not that you should) you know that it’s pretty much the buckle on the Bible Belt. The good folks of Oklahoma love their God, their guns and their OU football. More…

Forget the naughty-or-nice list; this one’s about survival 2

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably noticed (starting about Halloween) that Christmas is coming. For lots of us, that means travel and spending time with family. And, love them as we do, getting along with people we see only once a year isn’t always easy (and believe me, it’s not any easier for them).