An old fart looks at fashion (or, you’re not really going out like that, are you?) 2

From time to time (and by “time to time” I mean “every time I leave my freakin’ house”) I am amazed by some young person’s appearance.



If happiness is a warm gun, plenty of Texans are ecstatic today 7

Happy 2016, everyone! The new year is upon us, bringing with it the promise of new things, the hope for a brighter tomorrow and, if you live in Texas, a better chance of getting your ass shot.


Tornado, divorce or taxpayer bitching—one way or another, an Okie’s gonna lose that trailer 5

In Oklahoma, if you want your trailer moved all you have to do is wait for spring and a tornado will do it for you (alternatively, you can wait for a divorce, and your ex and her new biker/meth cook boyfriend Skeeter will move it—usually while you’re at work). More…

Pants busting your balls? The solution is as simple as ABC 8

Guys, what’s your greatest fear? Going bald? Having a colonoscopy? Being French kissed by Madonna?

How about getting your balls crushed by your pants?

If that last one is an issue, Lulelemon has your back (so to speak).