If it quacks like a duck, it might be an anti-aging doctor 2

The American Medical Association took a bold step recently and came out against anti-aging hormones. Apparently their beef with the stuff is that they don’t actually, ya know, work.

At their annual confab in Chicago on Monday, AMA delegates took a break from golf and adopted a new policy on products such as human growth hormone (HGH), testosterone and other hormones that are often used as aging remedies.

The AMA claims that hormones are not just ineffective in battling Father Time — some of them are actually dangerous. For instance, the AMA says evidence suggests long-term use of HGH can present more risks than benefits. Risks include diabetes and swelling, the AMA said.

I don’t know about that, but I speak from experience when I say that high levels of testosterone are dangerous. For those of you who skipped junior high biology (or who went to school in Oklahoma) testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It’s the stuff that gives men deep voices, beards, and a deep-seated love of breaking things.

Testosterone was directly responsible for getting the snot slapped out of me more than once in high school. I also blame it for the acute case of tennis elbow I developed my senior year — this, despite the fact I never once picked up a racket. And while it never caused diabetes, I can definitely speak to the swelling.

The timing of this news is interesting, because I just saw a website for a doctor who claims that a regimen of bio-identical hormones can stop — or at least slow — the ravages of time.

That’s good, because one effect of aging is a decline in the production of testosterone. This condition is known as andropause and it can lead to loss of energy, depression, and buying a Harley.

The doctor’s site even had an online interactive test to see if you might be low on testosterone. When you click the link, it takes you to the official Scarlett Johansson website. According to the good doctor, if you can look at the site and then stand up without fainting, you’re a couple of quarts low.


“Hide your glasses, Sunshine – the Viagra’s kickin’ in!” 3

I read a news story the other day that claimed that the same generation that had ushered in the sexual revolution is about to have its way with senior sex.

As they said in that movie: “Be afraid – be very afraid.”

The story was about a program on aging and sexuality in sunny Orlando, Florida. Great – like the mental image of old, naked and sweaty wasn’t bad enough, now you can add to that list the adjective “sun-damaged.” You know, leather may be sexy in some situations, but not when it’s hanging in folds from your paramour’s bones.

The doctor who led the program said, “Attitudes about sex among seniors are changing as the baby boom generation comes along. They want more information about staying sexually active as they get older.” Here’s some information, fellow boomers: keep your eyes closed. And speaking of mental images, here’s a couple of helpful words for you guys: Salma Hayek.

One couple attending the program had been married for 48 years; they said they came to learn new ways to add spark to their relationship. The guy was quoted as saying, “She knows all my tricks by now.” If that’s the case, then she’s probably hip to that Salma Hayek thing, too.

In the song, “My Generation,” Pete Townsend famously wrote, “Hope I die before I get old.” Had he been even half as clever as he thought he was, he would have said, “Hope I die before I have to get naked with an old person.” (Pete, here’s an idea: maybe you could rework the chorus lyrics to say, “Talkin’ ’bout old genitalia.” Just a thought.)

For reasons I probably don’t need to enumerate, most people don’t think of older folks (especially when we’re trying to eat) as sexually active. But research shows that sexual activity occurs in about 73 percent of those aged 57-64, 53 percent of those 65-74, and 26 percent of those 75 and older. The research did not specify if those figures reflect sex with partners; if you toss in that parameter, I bet the numbers go down. Way down.

The article said that Boomers are less likely to accept and internalize society’s view of asexual seniors. The organizer said,  “One of the problems is that there are few role models of elderly sexuality. There aren’t a lot of media portrayals of sexually active seniors.”

To that, one can say only, thank heaven for small graces. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to see portrayals of sexually active seniors. “Sexually active” usually implies nudity (as I recall) and that’s a sight I can live without — glasses or no glasses.

Even in death, Boomers refuse to STFU 1

We Boomers have been accused – and rightfully so, perhaps – of being the “Me Generation.” We love to reminisce about how we had the best music, the best drugs … and don’t even get me started on condom-free sex. The tag “Me Generation” is apparently shorthand for “It’s All About Me Generation.”

But if anyone is hoping things might change once all us gray-beards have died off, I have some bad news for you.

Today, a whole slew of new companies are offering services – such as virtual cemeteries and automated e-mails that remind people of the anniversary of our passing – that allow us to continue to inflict ourselves upon the world long after we’ve cached the last bowl and gone to that big drum circle in the sky.

You think “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” goes on forever? Just wait.

One example is a company based in L.A. (surprise, surprise) that offers a variety of scenic virtual locations for a person’s final e-resting place: A “Zen Garden,” a “Lake View,” a “Tropical Valley” and other options. Once there, visitors can purchase virtual items to leave behind – things that were significant to the dearly departed, such as a baseball glove, or a saddle, or maybe a lava lamp.

Many Boomers have taken to online social media in a big way. Not only do Facebook, Twitter and their ilk provide a plausible cover for spending hours surfing for porn, they have also helped make Boomers receptive to these online post-mortem services. As a result, Boomer funerals are no longer the end of the show – they mean we’re just taking a little break and we’ll be right back for the second set.

What all of this means is that it is now conceivable that you may never stop hearing about how your favorite auntie saw the Beatles! Three times! Yes – THREE! Or how the fat, bald dude next door dropped acid with Wavy Gravy at Woodstock, and caught the clap from Janis Joplin. Or maybe he dosed with Janis and caught a dose from Wavy. The details are as hazy as he is enthusiastic.

Death used to mark the end. With luck, that might mean the end of hearing someone your grandfather’s age (or maybe even your grandfather himself) drone on about the summer he and his “old lady” Breeze followed the Dead around the country in a VW microbus. In reality, what it really means is you’ll be hearing that story more times than you’ve heard “Stairway to Heaven.” And enjoying it just about as much.

Republican Party: not the best little whorehouse in Texas 6

Gotta hand it to the Republicans – even after getting their asses handed to them in 2006 and ’08, they remain as classy as ever.

I’m talking about a comment made by a strategist for Texas Governor Rick Perry. Earlier this week, this hired gun said that the Republican Party shouldn’t open itself like a whorehouse to new voters.

Nice, huh? I wonder if he kisses his mom with that mouth.

Today, lots of people are pissed off. Former Republican National Committee member Denise McNamara of Dallas led a group of GOP women from Dallas, Houston and elsewhere in demanding that Perry apologize for and repudiates the comment.

“As businesswomen, community leaders and mothers, it is always concerning and disheartening when we see people resort to behavior aimed at belittling women,” they wrote in a letter to Perry on Tuesday.

One of the signers was a woman from Wichita Falls. Believe me – when you’re a Republican governor of Texas and you’ve got a woman from Wichita Falls pissed at you, you know you’ve stepped in some shit.

Perry, whose ass is still stinging from the spanking he got when he suggested Texas might secede from the Union, is trying to distance himself from the whorehouse remark. If distancing oneself from stupid remarks were an Olympic event, Perry would be Michael Phelps (minus, the bong, natch).

Gov. Goodhair has a lot of practice in trying to distance himself from stupid remarks. Typically they’re stupid remarks he’s made himself. Today, though, he’s trying to get a little daylight between himself and Carney, and possibly thanking God it was someone other than himself who stepped on his dick.

Carney was making the point that the Republican Party needs to attract new voters. But, he added, “that doesn’t mean you take your principles and throw them out the door and become a whorehouse and let anybody in who wants to come in, regardless.”

Well, of course you don’t. To do that, you’d have to have some principles to begin with.

Another bird-brained idea from Oklahoma Reply

In Texas, we like to brag that “we’re like a whole other country.” Our neighbor to the north has gone a step further – it’s like a whole ‘nother planet. A planet with too little oxygen in its atmosphere.

Now that cockfighting is illegal in Oklahoma, a state senator has come up with a great way to help the state’s gamefowl industry and at the same time preserve a part of Oklahoma high culture.

Sen. Frank Shurden is suggesting that fighting roosters be given little boxing gloves so they can duke it out without bloodshed. This gem of an idea is in a bill the Democrat has introduced – apparently with a straight face – for the legislative session that begins Feb. 7.

To the absolute amazement of anyone who knows anything about Oklahoma, voters there banned cockfighting in 2002. That development seemed about as likely as the state banning tractor pulls or requiring nutritional information on Indian tacos.

To no one’s surprise, cockfighting is still legal in Louisiana and New Mexico. I have always heard that a person is known by the company he keeps, and I think that truism also applies to states. Have Oklahoma voters thought this through? Do they really want to be mentioned in the same breath as Louisiana and New Mexico?

The motto on Oklahoma license plates used to be “Oklahoma is OK!” Now it reads, “Oklahoma Is Not Louisiana or New Mexico!” It would be a real shame if they had to change this ringing endorsement of the Sooner State.

Speaking of the Sooner State, there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the motto is derived from the statement, “I’d sooner be dead than living in Oklahoma.”

But back to Shurden’s idea. The senator was quoted as saying, “Let the roosters do what they love to do without getting injured.” If he really wanted to let roosters do what they love to do without getting hurt, he’d issue them little condoms, not little boxing gloves.

In his search for a new way to let the roosters do that he says they love to do, Shurden learned about a company in California (where else?) that promotes a non-lethal form of cockfighting.

The company is supposedly trying to patent equipment that will score the ‘hits’ of these sparring live gamefowl, much as fencers score points without actually running someone through or carving a big “Z” on their opponent’s chest.

Under this unlikely scenario, the roosters would wear sparring muffs, which are padded gloves placed over their natural spurs.

What’s next? Headgear? Little satin shorts and robes? Will the state’s big promoter of non-lethal cockfighting be Don a la King?

I can see a whole new batch of jokes spurred by the sport. “Why did the chicken cross the road? He was getting in shape for a scheduled 10-rounder with Rhode Island Red at the VFW.”

Shurden was quoted as saying, “Who’s going to object to chickens fighting like humans do?” Well, to begin with, anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature. Which means his bill has a real good chance of passing the Senate and is an absolute shoo-in in the House.

One of Shurden’s arguments for the bill is that it will keep the chickens from getting hurt.  I don’t think this is a valid argument. Human boxers wear gloves, but look at Muhammad Ali. He got hit in the head a lot less than most boxers, but now he’s the poster boy for Parkinson’s disease. His motto today is, “Float like a butterfly, shake like a leaf.”

So what happens to the chickens that take one too many shots to the head? Joe Louis became a greeter in Vegas but this really isn’t an option for a punched-out pullet. They might end up as Sunday dinner; instead of having Kung Pao chicken at your local Chinese eatery, you could opt for Kung Fu chicken.

These chickens would also be ready for frying, since they’ve already been battered.

But I think the most appropriate place for these animals – animals that start life with a brain the size of a pea and then have their mental capacity diminished through a life in the ring – is with their intellectual peers.

In the Oklahoma state Senate.

Feb. 4, 2005 – my first column