Pants busting your balls? The solution is as simple as ABC 8

Guys, what’s your greatest fear? Going bald? Having a colonoscopy? Being French kissed by Madonna?

How about getting your balls crushed by your pants?

If that last one is an issue, Lulelemon has your back (so to speak).


guy with gun

Guns don’t kill people — people with guns kill people (and that’s the problem) 5

Texas is known around the world as the capital of macho. The very name is shorthand for bad-ass. And if you follow the news, you know that it’s also Ground Zero for the open carry movement – if “movement” isn’t too grand a term for paranoids who feel the need to arm themselves like Afghan warlords for a trip to Chipotle. It’s also home to plenty of politicians who pander to these wack jobs. More…

Under the tree or under your pants, it’s underwear time 4

Guys, Christmas is right around the corner. And since no Christmas is complete without new underwear, here’s a guide (a brief guide – get it?) to some chones you might have missed. They might not keep your chestnuts roasting when the cold winds blow, but they will protect ’em from electromagnetic radiation, and render farts harmless. More…