Clothing line helps men avoid dressing like colorblind clowns 5

A quick quiz for the guys: You’ve landed a big job interview and you want to look your professional best. Or you’ve got a hot first date and you want to impress her with your mad fashion skillz. Do you know what to wear?

Of course you don’t! You’re a man. Sure, you know how to get dressed; that is, you know that the shirt buttons go in front, and the fat end of the tie should cover up the skinny end, but beyond that and you might as well be a drunken, color-blind gibbon. More…


Béchamel on Super Bowl Sunday? Ten yards for excessive fussiness 9

I’m not much of a football fan but I’m familiar enough with the sport to know it involves a lot of cryptic abbreviations: QB, TD, RBI (OK, that last one doesn’t look right).

Last Sunday, when the biggest football game of the year was being played in New York, my go-to acronym was BFD. While millions of Americans were observing Super Bowl Sunday in countless living rooms and bars across this great nation, I was making a delicate béchamel sauce for the spinach-mushroom lasagna Liz and I would enjoy while watching our favorite soap opera, Downton Abbey.


Cold snap explained; next up – pigs to fly 51

Last week, Texas was slammed with seriously cold (for us, anyway) weather. Some people chalk this up to changes in the jet stream; others say it’s due to a disruption of El Niño or La Niña or perhaps Columbus’s other ship. I’ve even seen it attributed to a polar vortex (whatever that is – sounds like a Mannheim Steamroller album to me).

I’m here to tell you it’s none of these things. It’s cold here because hell has frozen over. More…

If Mexico didn’t exist, Texas songwriters would have to invent it 5

The other night I got to hear Terry Allen for the first time. Allen is a Texas singer/songwriter, a clique that includes Joe Ely (my personal favorite) the late Steven Fromholz, Lyle Lovett and Gene Autry (Gene Autry?).

Allen floored me, so I immediately set out to hear more. When I did, one thing that struck me was how much his songwriting benefits from the proximity of Mexico. In fact, if it weren’t for our neighbor to the south, I’m not sure what Allen and his amigos would write about. More…