Republican Party: not the best little whorehouse in Texas 6

Gotta hand it to the Republicans – even after getting their asses handed to them in 2006 and ’08, they remain as classy as ever.

I’m talking about a comment made by a strategist for Texas Governor Rick Perry. Earlier this week, this hired gun said that the Republican Party shouldn’t open itself like a whorehouse to new voters.

Nice, huh? I wonder if he kisses his mom with that mouth.

Today, lots of people are pissed off. Former Republican National Committee member Denise McNamara of Dallas led a group of GOP women from Dallas, Houston and elsewhere in demanding that Perry apologize for and repudiates the comment.

“As businesswomen, community leaders and mothers, it is always concerning and disheartening when we see people resort to behavior aimed at belittling women,” they wrote in a letter to Perry on Tuesday.

One of the signers was a woman from Wichita Falls. Believe me – when you’re a Republican governor of Texas and you’ve got a woman from Wichita Falls pissed at you, you know you’ve stepped in some shit.

Perry, whose ass is still stinging from the spanking he got when he suggested Texas might secede from the Union, is trying to distance himself from the whorehouse remark. If distancing oneself from stupid remarks were an Olympic event, Perry would be Michael Phelps (minus, the bong, natch).

Gov. Goodhair has a lot of practice in trying to distance himself from stupid remarks. Typically they’re stupid remarks he’s made himself. Today, though, he’s trying to get a little daylight between himself and Carney, and possibly thanking God it was someone other than himself who stepped on his dick.

Carney was making the point that the Republican Party needs to attract new voters. But, he added, “that doesn’t mean you take your principles and throw them out the door and become a whorehouse and let anybody in who wants to come in, regardless.”

Well, of course you don’t. To do that, you’d have to have some principles to begin with.


  1. And anyway I think “whorehouse” is a little too classy to describe the Republican Party and particularly the Texas Republican Party. I think “street hooker” might be a little more appropo.

  2. God forbid our government “let anybody who wants to come in.” That would be like the church just letting anybody who wants to come in.

  3. I suspect the Gov misspoke. When he said he didn’t want the Texas GOP to be a whorehouse that “lets anybody who wants to come in,” he simply meant it should be an exclusive, upscale whorehouse with only the most affluent and generous johns. In other words: Stay the course, lads!

  4. ..and don’t worry, social-conservative riffraff, you’ll still qualify for the group rate on “lip service” (as it’s called in the trade) by donating generously through your mega churches.

  5. Jeff, i would love to share you with a few of my friends…those who will “get” you, that is. This was too good to keep all to myself.

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